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Featured Cemetery: Union Cemetery, Town of Clear Creek, Eau Claire County, WI

Union Cemetery is on Hillview Road which divides the Towns of Clear Creek and Pleasant Valley.

On October 28, 1896, the first cemetery organizational meeting took place. Union Cemetery was built on land donated by the George and Emma Jackson family in 1897. The first burials were Marvin Foster (unreadable dates), (William?) Arthur Saugen (1883-1887), Hattie Jackson (1865-1886), Abner Kneeland (1823-1883), Ann Haines (1801-1890), and MaryEtta Harriman (1872-1875). These individuals had been buried elsewhere and were reburied in Union Cemetery.

In 1980 an additional half-acre of land was purchased to the north of the cemetery.

The cemetery is not affiliated with any church although it is located across the road from Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church. Union Cemetery is owned by the Cemetery Association. In 2020-21 the officers are LaMoine Anderson, president; Neil Holcomb, secretary, and Larry Seguin, treasurer.

Veterans buried in Union Cemetery:

Ernest Erickson (WWII)
Orvin Haines (Korea)
**Manuel Hanson (WWI)
Manley Harriman (Civil War)
Hollis Hayes (WWII)
Francis Helsper, Jr. (Korea and Vietnam)
George Jackson (WWII)
**Abner Kneeland (Civil War)
Marshall Kneeland (WWII)
Leigh Knudtson (Korea)
Jon R. Lee (US Army veteran)
Keith Markham (US Army veteran)
J.D. Marshall (Civil War)
Neil Miland (Korea and Vietnam)
**Peder Oscar Pederson (WWI)
**William Clinton Weeks (WWII, Korea and Vietnam)

**indicates tombstone pictured to the right