Obituary and Cemetery Record Copies:

The Query Committee will do a survey search at no charge. Donations are greatly appreciated. For a copy of an obituary or cemetery record there is a minimum $5.00 charge for this service. E-mail or mail requests to:

GRS – Query Committee
CO Chippewa Valley Museum
PO Box 1204
Eau Claire, WI 54702-1204


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Linda McClelland – Chair
Ken Kiesow – immediate Past Chair
Pat Lindholm – immediate Past Chair
Larry Wold – Vice Chair
Ken Kiesow – Secretary
Tom Davey – Treasurer/Membership


Patricia Anderson, Roger Davis – Librarians
Anita Reid – Newsletter
Linda McClelland – Historian
Kathy Herfel & Deb Jarvar – Programs
Deb Jarvar – Publicity
Karin Pettis – Cemetery Project Coordinator
Kathy Herfel – Obituary Project Coordinator
Michaela Weggen – Public Library Liaison
GRSEC Board – Hospitality
Norma Jaenke – Chippewa Valley Museum Liaison
Michaela Weggen – Website Coordinator